jueves, 31 de marzo de 2016

Glico + Kirin. A mesmerizing work a mesmerizing love!

Sometimes companies work together and join forces to create and bring us products that interact with each other. At Japan two famous companies had worked in this way, the products in question? Glico (maker of chocolates and snacks) with Lemon-flavored Pocky and Kirin (beverage company) with Teagurt flavored tea (yes… a kind of tea and yogurt strange drink).

We call this: “Love Packages”, some of the packages kiss, offer flowers and cakes to each other. The great thing in here? Well, the packages can be mix and create wonderful combinations of love.

The idea, implementation and design received praises from Japan’s LGBT community for the inclusive and beautiful approach.

A mesmerizing work a mesmerizing love!

Love is love

Macu. Kitschmacu

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