lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2016


October is an important month, because of the Bresth Cancer Awareness Month (did you check yourself darling?), for this reason the agency Havas Chicago plastered the word “boobs” across its windows, the agency filled its lobby windows with attention-grabbing inflatable breasts and the campaign’s #CheckYoSelf hashtag (as you can see in the picture), something important beyond the windows is that the agency also donated money to breast cancer non-profits associations FAB-U-WISH and The Pink Agenda every time we used #CheckyoSelf hashtag.

I really like this online-viral-real propose, the hashtag became money and helped in a real way people who need it.

Remember to check yourself or go to the doctor at least once a year and check your breast. You deserve an extraordinary life surround of love, faith, successful and happiness. Please #CheckyoSelf

Macu. Kitschmacu.

Ps. I think is wonderful how creativity can raise awareness and empower messages and save lifes. 

Ps2. Pictures from Havas Chicago's Instagram. 

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