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Mannequin Challenge

Mannequin Challenge is the new sensation of the year (if we talk about popular flashmobs of course). This viral trend took us by surprise in October 2016, and it main point is as follow: in the frameworks of the trend people pose themselves as mannequins and it is better if more and more people take part of it… more people, more mannequins and more entertaining, yeah!. If you want to participate you only need to pose as a mannequin and stay freeze for a few minutes on the spot in some natural pose of course.

Mannequin Challenge is entertaining and funny, because while people is posing a camera man is moving at the moment going round the participants. And this simple trick give us that fantastic sensation of moving around froze time (my beautiful fantasy when I was a little girl), that is the magic.

Frozen friends in natural poses + a camera man friend + recording camera going around all the frozen friends in natural poses + social media account + upload the video = Your proprio Mannequin Challenge, Voila!.

Many famous sports teams captured their own versions of M.Ch.: Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, etc. Hollywood stars of course as Beyoncé, Adele, Michelle Williams, and Hillary Clinton took part of one during her campaign.

If we talk about numbers, at Instagram the #MannequinChallenge has more than 600,000 posts.

If you think M.Ch. is one of the most important social – viral- human expression of last years, let me tell you something my dear friend. At art we can find Mimoplastic (1770-1815), also known as attitudes and it is a performance art genre depicting works of art by use of mime specially gestures and draping. It was popularized by Emma Lady Hamilton and became very popular among upperclass European women, yes…

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