miércoles, 11 de enero de 2017

Coca Cola. A time to believe in a new beginning

What about a new can design for +Coca-Cola? For today, I present an amazing and inspirational work, this is a special packaging designed by KI SaiGon is the Coca Cola Tet (Lunar New Year) 2017 inspired by the Lunar New Year in Vietnam “Believe in a new beginning”.

The creative process began by researching the real meaning of this holiday (creatives doing their homework and research, yes please!), New Years for Vietnamese is a great moment of cultural significance, it is a time family members gather (Đoàn t), and instill faith in each other for a brighter tomorrow, as the campaign motto:  “a time to believe in a new beginning”, Đón mt bt đu.


Macu. Kitschmacu. 

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