lunes, 30 de enero de 2017

Save the bees. Louis Masai

Let me introduce to you to this amazing guy, the art-activist Louis Masai, he has a project named “Save the Bees” to tell people who do not have information about the consequences of disappearance of honey bees. If honey bees disappear, humanity certainly will disappear too. Why? Simple, honeybees are responsible for pollinating approximately 80% of the plant in the world. If we translate this to people and cultures, 70 of 100 cultures that are required for human nutrition are pollinated by this little creatures.

At United States according to the national report on the state of the country agriculture, there was a decrease of bee population by 60% between 1947 and 2008 and population of bees continues to decline, there are three major causes for this: Pesticides, a bee disease named varroatosis (an external parasitic disease that attacks honeybee colonies, adult bees and especially the brood), and the absence of flowering plant (lavender, catmint, sage, geranium, sunflower, etc.) that can provide the necessary product for bee nutrition.

So, for all these important reasons, Masai implemented a very simple method: bright spray-painting on the walls of streets, if we pay a little bit of attention streets artists of our time are doing an extraordinary work with their art and actual problems, they are amazing to communicate and the best part of all of this is that we pay attention to their work.

Just think, we are immersed at our phones, our music, our head are always with or mind and thoughts in other place or virtual place, so is hard to pay attention to a volunteer with leaflets, flyers or a speech if he or she try to approach to us. But at street, certainly we pay attention to brightly colored buildings or walls, if we pass and see these colored buildings with the images of bees holding signs, for sure we will pay attention, and read them: “When we go, we’re taking you all with us!” or “#savethebees”. Attention is guaranteed.

Macu. Kitschmacu. 

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