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Edutainment (education + entertainment) the powerful educational direction. Edutainment means information content with entertaining elements designed for studying. Now, we can say goodbye to classical training methods. Our brain is exposed to a huge amount of information, sounds effects, media, advertising and images, we do not have time or interest at internalize data by conservative and traditional methods, our brain is overloaded with information and deeply fatigue.

Our brain changes perception, analysis and memory organization, we are always analyzing, objects, sounds and images around us, and we do this unconsciously.

Now, in our digital era, we can find any course we want online, adjust our training schedule according to our schedule, level of knowledge, necessary skills, and also create a list of lessons we want to take or enroll, and also (if we want) to have an automatic notification about task or homework.

Pedagogy involved with Entertainment-Education include:

-     Relevance: Learning is more likely when people can see the usefulness of the knowledge they are given.

-       Incremental Learning: Learning is most effective when people can learn at their own pace.

-      Distributed Learning (Fossard): Different people learn in different ways over different periods of time. It is important to present information differently so that people can absorb it.

Edutainment and SISOMO, as part of our new and fast way to learn in modern life. Edutainment comes in many forms: streaming video platform, online courses, apps for a mobile phones.

Thank you for reading.

Macu. Kitschmacu.

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