martes, 26 de diciembre de 2017

Spotify ad campaign (funny and cheeky)

Watch out! your habits at internet can be used for ad campaigns. One of the funniest and cheekiest of this 2017 are the series of billboards of Spotify, they examine the most embarrassing listening habits of this popular music streaming service and put them in giants displays where the whole world can see them.

Shame on you! haahahahah the ads are hilarious and comical, and an obvious reflection of our deepest feelings and mawkish moments.  (Sentimentalism vs rational and clear thinking, this epic and old battle)

And nope, you are not safe if you delete or clear your recently played section. Sorry.

Thank you for come to this blog and read, you are a great human being.

Macu. Kitschmacu. 

Ps Happy holidays dears. 

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