viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2016

Transparency International. Corruption must be spotted. Posters

Dirty hands… I really like these posters. Were created by Cheil Agency at Ukraine, for Transparency International, using the phrase “Corruption must be spotted”, show us a terrific graphic work, with super clear photos, I really like all the white – soft color - sophisticated atmosphere, and the marvelous violet watercolor effect… but (yes!, there is a but obviously) that sophisticated atmosphere and the fancy items have a dirty background… Corruption!

The use of “power” in an illegal, secret and private advantage for personal or selected group benefits, corruption is a cancer at societies, a real and serious problem for political, economic, social, ambient and humanitarian topics.

There are two major causes for corruption: endogenous situations, belong to us as a human beings: our thoughts, lack of social conscious, lack of education, negative paradigms, etc. and exogenous situations, belong to society:  impunity, bribery, lack of an effective public administration, lack of information about public process, use of public resources, etc.

Corruption stops economic development, makes society poor, ineffective and distorted. Corruption hits life… our life.

Macu. Kitschmacu.

Transparency International
Corruption must be spotted.

Advertising Agency: Cheil Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Creative Director: Vladyslava Denys
Art Director: Iurii Gorbachevskyi
Copywriter: Andrii Lazarenko
Photographer: Andrey Demenyuk

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