jueves, 19 de enero de 2017

Sommer House / Package design

Hello darlings, for today at www.kitschmacu.com, we have a wonderful project made by Project M at USA, it is an extraordinary packaging design for Sommer House Granola. Sweet, crunchy, healthy and tempting.

M Plus developed the named and packaging design for Sommer House (important to mention that the first name for the brand was Obsessed Granola, but they decided to change it to Sommer House attending the last name of Jennifer (creator of the delicious , addictive, salty, sweet and nutty recipe of the handmade- homemade granola)).

More than a delight, or a typical granola the main concept and differentiation is that Sommer House embodies a cozy and beloved place, recreate the joy of the old times and joy of summer and spring, it also has a strong emphasis in homemade-love made delight.

The whole concept (colors, typo, element's distribution, the glass container), feels like a ray of tender light.

Macu. Kitschmacu. 

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