martes, 2 de enero de 2018

Grey Canada + Salvation Army

Salvation Army - Grilled Cheese Tasty Video from Grey Canada on Vimeo.
Salvation Army - Instant Noodles Tasty Video from Grey Canada on Vimeo.
Salvation Army - Baked Beans Tasty Video from Grey Canada on Vimeo.

Happy new year everyone! Hope you have a wonderful new beginning. Here in Mexico, December is a month well known because of parties (posadas) and food, every day there are many reasons for partying, drinking and eating. Since December 12th (Our Lady of Guadalupe) till January 6th (Epiphany)”, again: partying, drinking and eating (and repeat the equation). This lapse of extra pounds is known as “Guadalupe – Reyes Marathon”.

Sometimes we can think about food as simple as open the fridge door, or as simple as go to supermarket, or as easy as drive to our favorite drive thru and voilà food appears!

Unfortunately, there is not an easy food fact for a lot of people around the world. For today’s post I present a touching and emotional series of online videos created by Grey Canada (Toronto Canada) and Salvation Army. By emulating the popular Tasty video style, these videos give us a taste of an heartrending reality.

Macu. Kitschmacu. 

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